Blood Donation Awarness Camp- June 2016

An adequate supply can only be assured through regular donations by voluntary unpaid blood donors. The WHO’s goal is for all countries to obtain all their blood supplies from voluntary unpaid donors by 2020. In 2014, 60 countries have their national blood supplies based on 99-100% voluntary unpaid blood donations, with 73 countries still largely dependent on family and paid donors.


This is a standalone facility which was inaugurated on 18-Sep-2015. Here a complete care for diabetes is done, it is equipped with full time diabetologist with diet and patient consular. For all the wound care and dressings technician is provided. All the data pertaining to the patient is stored locally in the systems provided with the consultant,dietician, counsellor, technician and PRE.


This facility was inaugurated on 12-Jan-2015. We have installed 03 dialysis equipment to cater the needs of heamo dialysis patientsin and around Rajam. It is run with a full time nephrologist, dialysis technicians and supported by nursing team to run the facility for 12 hours daily. The facility is helping six patients daily on an average.

Blood Bank

Blood bank is one of the recent additions to many unique things in a rural Hospital and has provision for components. In addition to whole blood one can also get components like platelet concentrate, red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma. This facility is very handy for patients undergoing various surgeries in the Hospital as the nearest blood bank is 40 Kms away.

BMD TEST RESULTS : 13-11-2014

Bone Mineral Density test was conducted on dt.13.11.14. 64 no.s attended the camp and availed the services. Out of which, (Male-42, Female-22). Out of 64, we found 13 as normal, 35 as Osteopenic, and 16 as Osteoporotic. The Osteopenic and Osteoporotic patients were referred to Dr. T.Rajesh, Orthopaedician for advise.


Tetanus is an acute , spastic paralytic illness with very much guarded prognosis. mortality is highest in the very young and very old. Two in three patients will die due to complications related to disease itself or related to treatment .Most of tetanus cases are associated with traumatic injury inflicted by a contaminated object such as a nail, splinter. Glass, or unsterile injection. Mean duration of illness is 6 to 10 weeks. Patient has to be treated in intensive care unit and monitored aggressively through out. The boy admitted with us was put on ventilator support due to dipping saturations along with muscle paralyzing agents. He was started later on magnesium sulfate infusions with gradual withdrawal of muscle paralyzing agents.


This would be the first time we are updating any academic/ clinical activity on our website. For the beginners GMR VARALAKSHMI CARE Hospital is (CSR) arm of the group to give best possible medical health care to the rural population. Our pediatric department headed by Dr.D.Nagesh( M.D. Consultant pediatrician and neonatologist) in Co- ordination with our intensivists Dr.B. Srinivas & Dr.Balaji expertly dealt with a very interesting and challenging case recently. Here is an effort to show gratitude towards everyone involved in patient care and to share this experience with you all readers. An 8 years old male child was presented to us With 3 day history of provoked/unprovked spasms, opisthotonus,trismus,for which he was given some treatment with no relief.

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