Blood Bank

Blood bank is one of the recent additions to many unique things in a rural Hospital and has provision for components. In addition to whole blood one can also get components like platelet concentrate, red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma. This facility is very handy for patients undergoing various surgeries in the Hospital as the nearest blood bank is 40 Kms away.

Those who have experienced the joy of giving, known for sure, that is an eternal spring. It costs nothing & is still priceless jewel, the value of which can only be known by either the hand that gives or the hand that receives. Our licensed blood bank ensures the critical provisioning of blood and blood components that are collected, typed and screened for HIV, HBsAG, HCV, Malaria and Syphilis; for both inhouse and outside patients.

Toll Free Numbers

1800 425 1834

1800 425 1835

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